Backslash, 2017

for recorder

Laura Kalchofner: tenor recorder

sound engineer: Domynikas Gircius

Zurich, Lange Nacht der Zeitgenössischen Musik, 2018


Windbruch, 2017

Ensemble and Live-Electronics

Ensemble Proton Bern

cond.: Matthias Kuhn

Karin Wetzel, Florian Bogner: Live-Electronics

sound engineer/production: Joel Cormier, SRF

Dampfzentrale Bern, 12.2.2018

Amorphose II

Amorphose II, 2012

for Guitar and Live-Electronics

Panagiotis Megarchiotis: Guitar

Karin Wetzel: Live-Electronics

Weimar, Tage für Neue Musik, 2015


Swarming, 2014

for Recorder Ensemble

Prime Recorder Ensemble

conductor: Antonio Politano

BKA-Theater Berlin, Unerhörte Musik

One on One

One on One, Guitar and Cello, 2014

Duo Leise Dröhnung

Steffen Ahrens – Guitar

Niklas Seidl – Cello

project “death row”, Museum Weserburg, Bremen 2014

Glass Body

Video, 12’04

Karin Wetzel: Glass Body, Tape, 2011

Troy Ogilvie: Dance and Choreography

“In Dialogue with Movement”, WMP Concert Hall New York
Music in Dialogue Series, directed by Liv Heym